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Our tax consulting services

  • Drawing up annual financial statements (Commercial Code, IFRS) with appropriate exercising of optional taxrights (balance sheet and /or net income statement)
  • Drawing up tax returns for companies, legal persons and private individuals
  • Tax planning to reduce tax charges and strategy development – national and international
  • Tax charge comparisons for planned decisions, such as change of legal form, asset transfers, enterprisesplitting, inheritance and company succession arrangements, investment scenarios
  • Filing applications in tax matters, such as tax deferrals, prolongation of deadlines or reduction of advancepayments
  • Representation before fiscal authorities; routine and in particular issues
  • Representation before tax departments and fiscal criminal cases
  • Participation in tax audits
  • Turnaround consulting
  • Tax expertise
  • Founding and running private charitable foundations
  • Planning the foundation, restructuring and liquidation of companies
  • Advice on international tax issues in liaison with foreign cooperation partners
  • Advice in conjunction with employee profit sharing programmes
  • Advice on the optimum choice of legal form from civil- and tax-law perspectives

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Free initial consultation

You should also be able to get a first impression of us without incurring any costs. That's why the first consultation with us is always free. In this conversation you have the opportunity to get to know us as a law firm and receive a qualified offer for the expected costs.

If you would like to take advantage of specific tax advice in the first meeting (initial consultation), you will only be charged for the consultation portion of the meeting based on a time fee.